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Message from Founder of Give A Life Foundation

I am Aditya Uchil, Founder and President of Give A Life Foundation, When I was a young child, my grandfather was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Since no kidney was available for transplant, he had to undergo dialysis for several years till he passed away. I was heartbroken and felt that he could have led a healthier life and lived longer if he was able to get a kidney transplant.
After I started high school, I did some research and found out that organ donation was still a major problem in Bangalore. It was then, in 2016, that I decided to take a step in the right direction, and founded the Give A Life foundation.

More than a million Indians are said to be suffering from end stage organ failure. However barely 1-2% are able to get timely help. Diabetes and Hypertension are fast becoming an epidemic among the Indian communities and they have the potential to result in end stage kidney failure. Alcoholism and Hepatitis virus have the potential to cause irreversible liver damage. Kidney and liver can be donated by a living donor and in fact presently, in India, around 95% of the transplants are through living donations and barely 5% are through deceased organ donation. Whereas in developed countries, only 5% of the organ donations are through living donor donations.

It is estimated that requirements for transplants over the next ten years will see a huge growth due to state and national health insurance schemes, growth of private health insurance and affordability of middle class. However, the supply of organs from living donors will soon peak and the only way this program can power ahead and save lives is through deceased organ donations. For some organs like heart and lungs, deceased donations are the only source.

Through the Give A Life Foundation, I and my team of volunteers, hope to spread awareness on organ donation to more and more people every day and encourage them to become organ donors.

Let us all take the pledge to be an Organ Donor and work towards a friendlier environment for organ donation.